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Restoration ecology aims to assist in the recovery of the ecological integrity of ecosystems that have been damaged, degraded or destroyed by human activity. The Society of Ecological Restoration Europe (SER Europe) is a network of restoration experts, exchanging knowledge and expertise for the promotion of ecological restoration in Europe.

SER Europe summer school 2018 is an intensive 5-day program focusing on the state, threats, management and restoration of dry grassland habitats in Europe, many of which are under Natura2000 protection. The summer school will be held by the MTA Centre for Ecological Research under the auspices of SER Europe and EUROSITE.

The program includes both theoretical aspects and practical issues related to the state, threats, management and restoration of dry grasslands with a special focus on Natura2000 areas. The course is aimed at site managers, ecologists, students and policy makers and will provide participants with state-of-the-art information during field visits and lectures. The language will be English.

We hope that the course will give a frame for intensive exchange between participants and lecturers. You can also bring an own showcase from your work to discuss it with participants, researchers and practitioners.